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CALENDAR -- show a monthly calendar with highlighted events

  • Events are defined by bullets, see CalendarPlugin#Event_Syntax for details. The %CALENDAR{}% variable is handled by the CalendarPlugin.
  • Syntax: %CALENDAR{ parameters }%
  • Parameters:
    Parameter Description
    <-- -->
    Sorted descending
    width="n" or "n%" Width of calendar table in pixels or percent Minimum width needed
    web="Webname" Web containing the event topic The current web
    vcellalignment="middle" Vertical cell alignment of day cells: "top", "middle", "bottom", "baseline" "top"
    topic="Web.TopicName1, Web.TopicName2" Topics containing events The topics containing the tags
    topic="TopicName" Topic containing events The topic containing the tag
    gmtoffset="+/-hh" Timezone expressed as number of hours offset from GMT Server timezone
    year="yyyy" The year Current year
    month="mm" The month Current month
    header="..." Text at the top of the calendar; use $m for current month, $y for year Current month and year
    months Specifies how many months of calendars to display. Only valid if aslist="0". "1"
    days Specifies how many days of calendar data to list. Only valid if aslist="1". "1"
    multidayformat Specifies formatting of the description for multi-day events. See Multi-Day Event Formatting for details. $description
    datenumberformat Specifies formatting for the date number in each cell. The formatting codes accepted are the same as those for the %GMTIME% variable. $day (if aslist="0")
      * $day $mon $year (if aslist="1")
    todaydatenumberformat Specifies formatting for the date number for the current day (today) in the calendar. The formatting codes accepted are the same as those for the %GMTIME% variable. datenumberformat
    cellspacing="n" Spacing of calendar cells. (sharpborders="0" required) "0"
    showweekdayheaders="1" Show the weekday headers "0"
    showdatenumbers="0" Show day numbers 1...31 in date cells. Note that showdatenumbers=1 means that HTML::CalendarMonthSimple will add the date numbers to the cells. If showdatenumbers=0, then the plugin adds the date numbers. The result of this is that a calendar will always show the date numbers. "0" (except with aslist="1", see below)
    year="+yy" or "-yy" Relative year Current year
    month="+mm" or "-mm" relative month Current month
    nowrap="1" or "0" Prevent cell content from wrapping "0"
    cellpadding="n" Padding of calendar cells. (sharpborders="0" required) "3"
    lang="language" Language: First few characters of "English", "Francais", "Deutsch", "Espagnol", "Portugues", "Nederlands", "Italiano", "Norsk", "Svenska", "Dansk", "Suomi", "Magyar", "Polski "English"
    sharpborders="n" If set to 1, this gives very crisp edges between the table cells. If set to 0 standard HTML cells are used. "1"
    weekdayheadersbig="0" If enabled, show weekday headers in bold cell headings "1"
    format="..." How to highlight a date See Event Formatting below
    cellalignment="left" Horizontal cell alignment of day cells: "left", "center", "right", "justify", "char" "center"
    cellheight="n" Height in pixels of each cell in the calendar Minimum height needed
    weekstartsonmonday="1" or "0" Flag to start week on Monday "0" (Sunday)
    contentcolor="#nnnn" Default content color of all cells unless redefined "black"
    bgcolor="#nnnn" Default background color of all cells unless redefined by other color settings below (use an HTML color-code like "#000000" as defined in StandardColors) "white"
    daynames="Mon|Tue|..." Custom day names "Monday|Tuesday|
    aslist Controls whether events displayed in calendar style (aslist=0) or list style (aslist=1). Note that specifying aslist=1 forces showdatenumbers=1. This is done to ensure that the date number is formatted according to datenumberformat and that only the days that have an event are listed. "0"
    Content color of weekends' headers contentcolor setting
    weekendcontentcolor="#nnnn" Content color of weekend cells contentcolor setting
    Content color of weekdays' headers contentcolor setting
    weekdaycontentcolor="#nnnn" Content color of weekday cells contentcolor setting
    todaycontentcolor="#nnnn" Content color of today's cell contentcolor setting
    headercontentcolor="#nnnn" Content color of the Month+Year header contentcolor setting
    border="n" Border width of calendar table. (sharpborders="0" required) "1"
    weekendcolor="#nnnn" Background of weekend cells light gray
    todaycolor="#nnnn" Background of today's cell The web bgcolor
    weekendheadercolor="#nnnn" Background color of weekends' headers bgcolor setting
    weekdayheadercolor="#nnnn" Background color of weekdays' headers bgcolor setting
    weekdaycolor="#nnnn" Background color of weekday cells bgcolor setting
    headercolor="#nnnn" Background color of the Month+Year header The web bgcolor
    and other attributes of HTML::CalendarMonthSimple
  • Example: %CALENDAR{ month="2" year="2021" bgcolor="cyan" }% shows a February 2021 calendar
  • Category: DateAndTimeVariables, FormattingAndRenderingVariables
  • Related: DATE, DISPLAYTIME, GMTIME{"format"}, SERVERTIME, CalendarPlugin
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